Friday, April 04, 2008

Finally...a use for Pennies

Well folks, I found a use for my unwanted pennies. Today the girls and I went to the mall and of course the dumb fifty cent rides always catch Haley's eye before I can distract her away from them. Well today, I had to break down into the lovely wallet to find the big silver coins to waste on the lovely ice cream truck.

After I had Haley coming back the second time, I told her that there were no more and that is when the drama started. Finally, I pulled out the old copper coin and to my surprise, she accepted it with a smile on her face. Mean mom, I know. Hey, it worked. Even though the ride didn't work, she was excited to put that old copper coin in that flashing ice cream truck. I saved forty nine cents for that ride.

As we were leaving, she spotted the fountain with all the coins in there and we used up the rest of what I had copper in my wallet. Well, until I get a few more pennies saved up, we'll wait to do the mall.


Janell said...

That's hilarious! Every time we go to a mall with a fountain, I empty all of my pennies so that my kids can throw them in. My wallet feels much lighter and my kids are happy. It's a win win situation!
Cute story!

Lara said...

I always let Emily to just sit on the rides, which seems to satisfy her lately. No money goes in. I remember the two year old tantrums very well, though. My kids could've given classes on being two!

regibells said...

Hey thats a good idea...I will have to see if it works with Jake. He is really into coins and asks me for them everywhere we go. The silver ones are becoming a rarity

The Moore Family said...

Hi Susan And Matt... Its Adam & Amanda. You have such cute girls!! Add me to your blog list so we can keep up with each other.