Friday, June 27, 2008

My Favorite Cleaning Helpers

We have our favorites for cleaning. My mom raised me on the traditional comet powder. That is still a staple in my house but I have found a few extra helpers that make my life a little cleaner.

This Dirt Devil Classic vacuum is amazing. My new boyfriend is weighing in at maybe 4 pounds. It sucks like no Dyson has ever done. This was a Christmas present from Matt and it is the best thing. It picks up every crumb and does an awesome job on stairs. No loosing suction on this cordless beauty.

These little guys do the job with no powdery mess. One tablet...close the're done.

Why did I buy a house that has a glass shower door? Looks nice when it's brand new, but you put a few dirty bodies in there for a wash and you have a nasty, grimy shower door. That was until Matt found this stuff. Comet bathroom spray makes it so you can see through the glass again.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Mom, where are they going?"

Matt, the girls and I all went to the duck pond by our house last night and to our surprise this is what happened. It was kind of depressing at first when they all started heading across the street but at least some still stuck around for some moldy hot dog buns.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Recent Fun

Well, I'm trying to do better at the picture thing. I decided to post a random bunch of pictures of the happenings lately.

Bounce house fun up Hobble Creek Canyon for the Harper's baby blessing

Thanks to the Snow's for a fun camping weekend. We were camping dummies together but somehow we all survived all the bears and bugs.

It's okay to sit and rub your hands in the dirt, then put them in your mouth.

Our family portrait. Don't we look like campers?

The Best of friends, the Best of enemies.

Rake the dirt, rake the table with the food on it, take the rake part off...hit each other. You name it, they did it! a little out of order. Wait, I think I just deleted the other picture. Haley and I at the carnival. I wish she would just look at the camera once in a while.

Maya getting frustrated at walking.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Fill In

1. A smile is better then nothing at all.
2. Canasta and How Many Tricks are my favorite board or card games.
3. I would love to have more kids in my life and less stress. Somehow they don't go together.
4. When I think of the Summer Solstice, I am mute.
5. I just remembered I need to call someone to teach on Sunday.
6. One of my favorite song lyrics goes like this: "Take me back to the place where I once belonged...this could be any place...a place where you and I could sing this song.(Take me back, Erasure)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to the PG rodeo tomorrow my plans include shampooing my carpets and camping and Sunday, I want to wake up without a sore back from sleeping on the earth floor.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chocolate Skittles

It sounded gross to me but my impulse buy wasn't a disappoint. They taste like maybe a chocolate laffy taffy. I think what sold me on them was the fun flavors. Come on, who can pass up a flavor like smores?

Have you had them?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maya's First Steps and My First Bite

Well, it's official, we have another one in the home on the move. Not to sure if she's really sure about the whole concept but Maya is taking more and more steps every day. She skipped over the crawling thing to get to the more important stuff. She is 11 months today.

Don't forget the trip to mosquito park on Saturday. I forgot what that park was like until I found my bite this morning as I was leaving out the door. Does Summer have to bring mosquitoes with it?

I know this is kind of random but does your bites itch a few days after the bite happens? I think that is the weirdest thing.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Fun Tag

Thanks for the idea, Kyra!

1. Taking a Nap
2. Watching my kids play nice together (which hardly ever happens)
3. Being with Family

1. Being alone with no food (I'm so weird)
2. Car Accidents (I think I'm this way because my brother died in a car accident)
3. Anything that has 8 legs

1. Find a preschool for Haley this week
2. Clean out my cluttery closets
3. Get my own website up for my small business.

1. Orange Dream Machine from Jamba Juice.
2. Shopping
3. warm weather

Random Facts:
1. Ran our sprinklers during the rain today. Oops!
2. My mom retires on the 3rd of July. Yeah, I get my mom back... and even to visit Utah more often. (I hope)
3. I decided I have had way too many run ins with bad customer service lately. It must be gas prices.

I tag whoever reads this!