Friday, June 27, 2008

My Favorite Cleaning Helpers

We have our favorites for cleaning. My mom raised me on the traditional comet powder. That is still a staple in my house but I have found a few extra helpers that make my life a little cleaner.

This Dirt Devil Classic vacuum is amazing. My new boyfriend is weighing in at maybe 4 pounds. It sucks like no Dyson has ever done. This was a Christmas present from Matt and it is the best thing. It picks up every crumb and does an awesome job on stairs. No loosing suction on this cordless beauty.

These little guys do the job with no powdery mess. One tablet...close the're done.

Why did I buy a house that has a glass shower door? Looks nice when it's brand new, but you put a few dirty bodies in there for a wash and you have a nasty, grimy shower door. That was until Matt found this stuff. Comet bathroom spray makes it so you can see through the glass again.


Lara said...

I use Lysol purely because I love the way it smells. It seems to clean pretty well, too. That vacuum looks awesome. What is it? The only thing better would be to make it cordless. And the Cascade? I'm using a dishwasher now and I'm wondering if those tablets leave spots on the dishes? And if you have to clean the dishes before they go in the dishwasher? Tell me what ya think.

Susan said...

The vacuum is a dirt devil classic. I have found the cordless vacs to be not so powerful and then when I need to use it the next time, it's out of juice from being off of the charger. As for the tablets, I rinse all my dishes before I put them in the washer. No spots after they come out.

regibells said...

thanks I will try! I always need good advice when it comes to cleaning. It's my life.

Christina said...

I think you sold me on the vacuum.

Foster Family said...

I have a glass shower too, it is the worst when it comes to grime! Thanks for the tip.Lisa

shanda said...

That is so funny. My mom always used commit to. I had to stop using it in my tub becasue it started to scratch it so now I have a bunch of rust spot at the bottom of my tub. O well.