Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Straight From the Garbage...Instant Bed for the Baby

Who needs Santa to come when we already have a great bed for our baby?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Fill In on Saturday

1.The last band I saw live was wow I can't even think of their name. It's been like 7 years ago.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes with lots of gravy and looking through Black Friday ads.
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is going to be severely less this year.
4. Thoughts of attacking Maya's snotty nose fill my head. She's getting too quick.
5. I wish I could wear sandals year round.
6. Bagpipes are depressing.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a night with nothing on the agenda, tomorrow my plans include work, a early visit to santa at the mall and an afternoon of go BYU football with a visit to see some old friends in SLC and Sunday, I want to go to church and chase the kids around the building...did I say want???

Friday, November 21, 2008

Calling All Pepsi Drinkers

Okay so my husband is obsessed with making sure no yellow pepsi cap gets thrown away. So if you have one or see someone at work with one, make sure you get the code inside the cap. After all, I'm not going to Hawaii with all the points but Matt gets to fill his itunes library with more tunes. So if you want to help Matt get more music, email him at or leave me a comment with the code inside the pepsi cap or on a 12 pack.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grandma's Been Sewing

I love anyone that can sew because I can't sew worth crap. More times then not I get the bobbin thread all balled up and a few choice words come out and well it is best if I don't sew. I am really good at getting Matt's mom to stitch some things up for me. She made these cute skirts for the girls. Of course matching. That's why I have 2 they will match all the time like I did. Only I had to match with my twin brother. Here is the best picture I could get of these beauties!

Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Not So Common I Am Thankfuls

1. Ebay
2. iPod - these days it is my vent out of "I'm not just a boring mom, but I do pump the jams like I did in high school"
3. my cleaning lady - worth every dime
4. kleenex with aloe - every home needs to be thankful for a not so raw nose during a cold
5. Roberts - we have become really good friends in the past year
6. Gap online - the only place I have found jeans that are almost too long
7. Comcast On Demand - Haley and I do get a break from one another
8. Active Learning Preschool - Haley's preschool that she just loves
9. Milk - that I can buy a gallon for $2
10. Gas - holy cow, $1.98 a gallon...that's awesome...I think that the pathfinder can come out of the garage now.

Monday, November 03, 2008

More eBay

Okay, so eBay consumes a lot of my no time lately. I have to laugh at some of the messages that people send. It almost seems as though some people really are retarded. Here is another message sent to me asking about one of my items. I cut and copied exactly how it was written with the bold faced. Oh and just to let you know, these type of people go into my "I will not sell to you folder."

Are these new? What type of materials are your handbands made from? Are any of the materials from China? Are all the materials 100% child safe?