Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Not So Common I Am Thankfuls

1. Ebay
2. iPod - these days it is my vent out of "I'm not just a boring mom, but I do pump the jams like I did in high school"
3. my cleaning lady - worth every dime
4. kleenex with aloe - every home needs to be thankful for a not so raw nose during a cold
5. Roberts - we have become really good friends in the past year
6. Gap online - the only place I have found jeans that are almost too long
7. Comcast On Demand - Haley and I do get a break from one another
8. Active Learning Preschool - Haley's preschool that she just loves
9. Milk - that I can buy a gallon for $2
10. Gas - holy cow, $1.98 a gallon...that's awesome...I think that the pathfinder can come out of the garage now.


Christina said...

What a good list. You have inspired me to be more thankful.

Michael and Tiffany Harper said...

Amen to the cleaning lady!!

Lorena said...

Lucky...I want a cleaning lady!

Lara said...

I miss my cleaning lady! I hate being the cleaning lady! And how do you get milk for $2/gallon?

Shelley said...

I've been pretty happy about gas prices. My husband says it's actually a bad sign, but who cares?