Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Fun Tag

Thanks for the idea, Kyra!

1. Taking a Nap
2. Watching my kids play nice together (which hardly ever happens)
3. Being with Family

1. Being alone with no food (I'm so weird)
2. Car Accidents (I think I'm this way because my brother died in a car accident)
3. Anything that has 8 legs

1. Find a preschool for Haley this week
2. Clean out my cluttery closets
3. Get my own website up for my small business.

1. Orange Dream Machine from Jamba Juice.
2. Shopping
3. warm weather

Random Facts:
1. Ran our sprinklers during the rain today. Oops!
2. My mom retires on the 3rd of July. Yeah, I get my mom back... and even to visit Utah more often. (I hope)
3. I decided I have had way too many run ins with bad customer service lately. It must be gas prices.

I tag whoever reads this!


Lara said...

What small business ar you doing now?

Shelley said...

I will have to try the Orange Dream Machine--it sounds yummy.