Monday, October 06, 2008

California for 10 Days!!! Yeah!

I have been meaning to post our trip to California for over a month now and I'm just getting around to it. Here are the happenings...I'm a horrible picture taker.

Beach with cousins

Finding Nemo ride. Not my favorite. In fact if the line is over 1o minutes, don't wait.

Disneyland with my sisters, their kids and my friend Courtney and her two kids. The princess lunch! Haley didn't want to talk to them, just give them a real good stare down!

Our anniversary dinner. Ouch $60 later.
I still love the Cheesecake Factory the best!

New kittens to strangle at Aunt Christina's house.

Before church at grandma's house

Cousins at the park

Busy Maya at the park


Torre said...

Another Laney? She even spells it the same as my Laney!

shanda said...

That just looks like way to much fun. I am jelious that you got to go back home. How neat to see all of your sisters. your girls are so cute. Can you tell them to stop growing up.

Lorena said...

Love your pictures! It was nice to meet your beautiful babies and see you again!

Christina said...

Love the pics. Didn't we have fun! I have some cute pics of Maya to send you. Of course, what pic of Maya isn't cute!