Saturday, March 21, 2009

As Easy as 1-2-3 Chocolate Chip Cookies

It seems as though everyone else has better tasting chocolate chip cookies then me. Mine always turn out like pancakes with little lumps of chocolate chips here and there. I hate it. So for years now, every time I see a chocolate chip cookie I like, I ask how they make it. Here are my 3 tips that I have gathered from many different domestic bakers that have helped me to perfect the old fashioned chocolate chip cookie recipe.

1. Use real butter, not margarine - margarine melts at a lower temperature. This is why my little boogers would flatten like pancakes.

2. Use more white sugar then brown - not too sure why on this one!

3. Add more flour then the recipe calls for - This is cause the chocolate chips cookies to keep a round and raised look.


Torre said...

Thank you for the tips! I have the same problem. I've just given up and I've been buying the frozen Otis Spunkmeyer dough from Costco!

Christina said...

Carrie and I have an amazing recipe. We got it from Aunt Lori's company catalog. Anyway, I gotta share it with you. You will love it!

Lara said...

my mom has always used shortening instead of butter because we like our cookies soft, but for those who like crispy cookies butter works really well

smileynann said...

Hey, Susan! I know the white sugar has a different taste than brown because some of the molasses is taken out, and the added flour is because we're at a high altitude -- people at sea level won't have to do that.

Also, I've noticed that I like food made by other people WAY better than food I make myself -- why is that??

See you tomorrow!

Shelly said...

If you want, I have the best recipe ever. Really plump chocolate chips. Totally the best if you want it. It even meets your criteria.

Foster Family said...

I LOVE choc chip cookies! I will definetly use your tips. Lisa