Friday, September 10, 2010

Kindergarten and Preschool

There has been some big changes in out home lately. Between kindergarten, preschool, soccer, dance and a new baby, our home is still trying to adjust to the new happenings.

Haley started kindergarten on the 31st of August and her teachers name is Mrs. Arroyo. She is in the Spanish immersion class, which means that she is learning Spanish along with the regular required requirements for kindergarten. She comes home with homework and reading assignments nightly which keep us very busy playing matching with capital and lowercase letters and putting numbers in order. Fun stuff. It is a good opportunity for mom and dad to give her the attention she needs. She also started soccer the same week. She loves to go but is not that excited to kick the ball and when she does, she thinks that should be enough for the whole game. We still enjoy watching her and supporting her in everything. I told her that if she scores a goal, dad would give her a pack of gum. It hasn't seemed to have helped, especially for as much as she loves gum. Oh well. She does however enjoy dance and has started that back up as well. We are looking forward to December when we can see her shine on the dance stage again.

Maya started school just 4 days after Leah was born. A little nervous as to how she would do, she ran in so fast she tripped on her way down the steps. She loved putting her back pack on and has loved every minute of Mrs. Farr. The first day she told me that she thinks she'll go back tomorrow. Too bad it's only 2 days a week. She is so independent anymore that she doesn't even know her sisters name. She loves to watch movies, do puzzles, play with her mother's hands (little odd) and ride her bike. We love our red head.

It's sad to see the Summer come to an end but we are also pretty excited for new beginnings. Both girls learned how to ride bikes this Summer. Haley without training wheels. Both had a good time in swimming lessons with their teacher Arielle. We boasted sales at the snow cone shack and have loved every minute of each other as we have prepared for baby Leah to join us.


shanda said...

what a beautiful addation to your family. We miss you guys

Christina said...

I haven't been on here in forever. Great blog post and great new picture. Your girls are beautiful.

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