Monday, July 28, 2008

24th Parade

Mac and Haley getting ready for more candy.

Our spot on the parade route. Mom and dad loved it!

The girls and I

Haley gave Snow White a big hug

The pink tractor! Only in Utah do you see a parade with several kinds of tractors with random people on them.


Lara said...

Who wouldn't love a pink tractor? That's awesome! You and your kiddies look great, too!

shanda said...

Weezz it was so fun to have dinner with your family. Ps for any one who has not seen these girls in person you are missing out. They are so freeking cute.

Christina said...

And we just went to work. That looks like way more fun!

Michael and Tiffany Harper said...

That's so cute of haley and snow white!!