Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why This...Why That???

I think I have heard, "why" about 50 times already today. I thought Haley would never hit this stage but it is in full force now. I ask her to go put her clothes on...."why?" I ask her if she would get a snack for her sister...."why?" This is the best one of the day...

Me: Haley, wash your hands after your done in the bathroom.
Haley: Why?
Me: Because they have poop on them.
Haley: Why?
Me: Because you just went to the bathroom.
Haley: (Looking at her hands) why is there poop?

I give up...I'm not winning this one!

I'm looking for some answers I can give her that might make it stop really soon. Do you have any? The real answer just is not cutting it.


Kristi said...

Oh no. I'm dreading that. Does "Why do you think?" work?
or "You tell me why?"
Let me know what you find out, cause I'm sure I'll be needing it soon!

Christina said...

Susan, you know what it is, as you have heard it many times from your mother. The problem is that we all swore we would never say it. And yet, Haley will wear you down and, oh yes, you will say it---"BECAUSE I SAID SO!" Of course there is my favorite variation, "Because I'm the boss of you!" Gotta love being the boss.

Lara said...

Ditto what Christina said totally! This stage, too, shall pass....

The Allen Family said...

I am not sure, but my advice is don't take her to victoria's secret to bra shop because it just turns into a really awesome conversation that I am sure every one else in the dressing room is just loving!