Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mom, do you want to play laundry?

Today I let out a big sigh and told Haley, "oh I need to do some laundry." She told me in the cutest voice, "mom do you want to play laundry?" I was reminded of the good old days and spending hours with my sisters or my friends playing house. It was so fun holding our babies, doing our dishes and doing laundry. For some reason the babies slept all night and didn't cry, they never hit each other and when it was time to do the dishes or laundry...surprisingly they were all done.

I was remembering when my sisters and I would play barbie town and leave it up for days. The barbies never got sick and barfed all over the floor. They always were smiling and looking their best. Their houses were always clean. Their furniture didn't have milk mouth all over the cushions.

The reality of it, how boring would life be if we didn't have anything to do. Oh my do I love being a mother but wow the whole reality of it didn't hit until I had a house and children of my own. How about for you?


Christina said...

Didn't we have fun! Don't forget bank too! As for the Barbies --you forgot---sometimes they're naked too.

Lara said...

I remember Barbie town and the big van. I loved that big van ya'll had. As for the reality of mommy-hood, it hits me like a Mac truck at times. Bam! What the heck happened?

shanda said...

THat is so cute susan. The crazy thing is that it just felt like yesterday that we were playing barby. I guess that is the way that we need to look at things in life is that it is play time. Miss ya guys and we need to hang soon.