Thursday, October 09, 2008

Look at My Mess Tag

Okay this is an interesting tag but I thought it might be fun to see other people's junk and maybe make me not feel so bad about my not so perfect home!

Fridge: Dirty, nasty shelves that you can't see. My mom is coming in 2 weeks. This is usually something she checks, so I need to get on that.

Closet: Never enough space to put my crap

Self Portrait: Gotta love taking picture of yourself

Favorite Room: It's always clean because not even the home teachers get to go in there.

Sink: Wow the dishes are done this morning

Laundry room: Don't ever buy a front loader washing machine!

Toilet: Okay this is the one that if you could see in the bowl, you would be able to see some pee left from our most recent potty trained in the home.

Where are your kids: Maya is ripping Haley's scarecrow and Haley is at school.

Dream vacation: Cancun, does it surprise you?

Favorite Shoes: A little dirty and lets be glad that it' not a scratch and sniff tag.



Lorena said...

Cool pictures! Maya is super adorable! Hey, I want to go to Cancun too! Lets go together!! :-)

Shelley said...

Cute shoes! I'm jealous of your laundry room, even if they are front-laoding.

shanda said...

I love those tags they are great. I love your shooes. They are so cute

shanda said...

Why don't you like your front loader. I love mine I think they are the best thing ever. I think I might help if you swithc your doors so they open to each other

Susan said... clothes don't clean like they did with the agitator tub. More times then not they don't get the water spun out of them either. Maybe I just got the wrong ones.

The Allen Family said...

No i agree on the front loading machines. Ours are horrible. I think Dave is ready to shoot me because I begged for them and now I just want my old washer and dryer back!