Monday, April 12, 2010

Lil of This and That

This post is to recap the forever it has been since my last visit to my blog:

I love to be called a naughty boy by my 2 year old.

Potty training is my least favorite thing about raising kids

Growing a baby inside of me at age 31 is harder then at 25

Keeping my house clean is way too hard with two mess makers

Signing my 4 year old for Kindergarten was harder then expected...Spanish immersion or not?

Disneyland is not my favorite place during Spring Break.

Owning my own business means tax time is a little more stressful.

Friends and Family are the glue that keep us Andersen's happy.

Spring and Fall are my favorite times to be in just hurry up and get here Spring.

When your child is sick at school and you go to pick them up and ask what's wrong and they say, "I think a little piece of my brain got stuck on my side," it's okay to laugh.

Dealing with dumb, ignorant people is my least favorite part about selling on ebay.

Family vacations are well needed but a lot of work to go and to come home.

Finding a husband like Matt has been one of the biggest blessing in my lives.

I have loved that Haley has loved being involved in gymnastics and dance this year.

Learning how to ride a bike without training wheels is hard work for both mom and kid.

When eating ice cream on Main Street in Huntington Beach, all the weird people and nice cars makes it a great parade for Haley. "Mom are we watching a parade"- Haley

So excited to share the simple gospel truths with Haley and talk about what she has learned is been a big joy in my life.


Lara said...

Preggers? Congratulations!

LOVE the matching dresses!

shanda said...

I really liked that post. That is a good way to post. I did not know that you were pregers way to go that is so exciting. Miss you