Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some of My Latest Pet Peeves

Yards that go to waste- It's bad enough when it costed us over 5 grand to put in our very plain yard, but to see one that costs anywhere near that turn into a weed garden is so sad.

Mall Shopping- As a kid, I loved to grab my lady friends and spend hours at the mall but I can't stand going there now. I hate the ever so popular, "Can I help you find something," right as I walk into an overpriced store. If I had a question, I am capable to ask someone....errrrrkkkk

Shampoo on partially dry hair- just when I think I have the girl's hair wet, I start to lather the shampoo in to find strands that are dry. Oh, it's like screeching nails on the chalk board.

Turning on the garbage disposal when the water isn't running- I don't know where I learned that you don't do that but every so often I have the water turned off before I flip the switch to the garbage disposal and it does something strange to me that I can't explain.

Pregnancy comments- There really isn't an appropriate comment to give so just don't give them unless you know the person. It seems as though people really want to open up and talk heart to heart about pregnancy when they don't even know the person. The other day I got asked if this was an oops? What store clerk asks that when they don't even know you.....ANNOYING! I almost want to wear a shirt that says,"Yes I am pregnant and unless you know me, please don't ask your question."

Living off Food Stamps and WIC- I believe this program is designed to help people when in need and to make them self reliant to get off of it as quickly as possible. It seems as though I hear of too many families around here that are living off of it and hiding income. Or that they are living in ways that show that they are spending their income in unreasonable ways while my husband and I are out working to accommidate that great life for them. Seriously, get a job...hey sometimes it takes getting two.


Becky said...

Love it!! You need to update more often! Can't wait to meet that baby girl! I hope she has black hair!

Lara said...

Long time no see! Where ya been, girl? Busy as ever, I bet. Thanks for the updates and new picture. Super cute, beautiful girls!! I'm sure the next will be a winner, too.