Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Am Psycho

Okay, so this was my first experience of waiting in line for an hour to save a few bucks. I decided at 4 a.m., when I wasn't sleeping Friday morning, I had it in me. I stood in the chilling 15 degree weather with my hoodie sweatshirt as I waited for Target to open their doors. What was I after? Nothing too exciting but this was more of an experience then any other year.

Kyra ended up meeting me there and when those doors opened at 6. We were off. She to electronics and me to toys. You should have seen our cart. The two power wheel quads taking up the whole cart and all the other things laying and heaping over the top. The best part...the guy from the Daily Herald stopped me and wanted my picture with my overflowing cart. I hoped to make the front page but the lady with the 13 guitar hero's beat me.

And when all was said and done I saved maybe $50. I'm definitely doing it again next year. That was exciting.

I want to hear if anybody else got in on the Black Friday fun?


Lara said...

I'd rather die, frankly.

Anonymous said...

I think black Friday is fun! I look forward to it every year! We started at Walmart and I got everyting I wanted. Kohls is a nightmare and we just walked in and right back out. We try and avoid that one and Best Buy. I am glad you got in on the fun this year!

Shelley said...

It sounds like an adventure, but I've never done it! I get really grumpy when stores are busy, so I risk having a case of "shopping rage."

RoyandLinda said...

I went with mother at 4 AM to the first store that opened and went from there to the other stores as they opened. I mostly went to carry stuff for her. People really get nasty when they can't get the things they want. And don't even try to be in front of where they want to be. They push and shove until they can get in front. Some times I just stood there and let them push after all I'm bigger.


regibells said...