Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Reason to Smile

Well...since my post office trips have become more frequent lately, I decided there has to be an easier way. I asked the gal at the counter if there was a scale and a pre-paid stamp I could buy. She told me of the, "Click and Ship" program. Another way that computers are making our lives a little bit more simple. I bought a postal scale for $39.95 that will weigh any package under 10 lbs., then I just follow the directions on to use the, "Click and Ship" program. Never do I have to stand in the long line with my 2 hullagins the day after Vetern's Day. I just take a small walk to my mailbox for my mail lady to take my already postmarked and weighed packages to be picked up.

Check it might be worth the $39.95 in your home.


Blake said...

I would use this if it allowed for first-class mail packages.

Christina said...

How did we ever get by without the internet?