Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Friday Fill In

1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to massage your feet!
2. Watermelon reminds me that summer is almost here!
3. I cannot live without my really high soft King size bed.
4. Rip sticking and playing a game of ice hockey are two things I'd like to try.
5. When life hands you lemons I complain to someone about it.
6. Going to the beach every Saturday afternoon with my friends to pick up on some hot surfers is one of my favorite childhood memories.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the new garlic alfredo pizza we got at Costco last night, tomorrow my plans include work, and playing outside and Sunday, I want to make some bows and go to church!


Lara said...

Garlic alfredo pizza--yum! What is rip sticking?

Shelley said...

I'm not really big into feet myself, and I almost put my bed for #3. Have fun with your bow-making!

Lorena said...

The pizza sounds yummy! You should take pictures of your cute bows and post it. :-)PLEASE!