Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day Mom

My mom is lucky enough to celebrate both her birthday and mother's day in the same week.

Since it's about 7:30 and the kids are still sleeping, I wanted to post to my mother, who reads my blog every so often.

Maybe a lot of you feel the same way but it took me to have kids of my own to really appreciate my mother and the role that she plays in my life. I still am amazed at how she had 6 kids and how she continues to work hard to love and care for each of us, even at the grown stages that we are all at.

My best memories of my mother growing up were of us going to the grocery store every week and walking up and down every isle. I don't know why but that was so fun to me, seeing how my mom would load up 2 full carts and it would all be gone the next week. I also remember our trips to the mall. The best three words out of her mouth, "Don't tell dad."

I think about that saying, "When mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." That was the truth in our home, only I can't remember very many times that my mother was not happy. To the best mom, grandma and friend ever, I love you mom. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY AND BIRTHDAY!


Shelley said...

You do have an amazing mom and it looks like you're following in her footsteps! Happy Mother's Day!

Lara said...

Nice tribute, Susan. So does your mom get one-gifted because of the proximity of her birthday to Mother's Day??

Christina said...

I remember that when you went to the grocery store, you got the very desirable fruit roll up. What a treat!