Sunday, May 04, 2008


Kristi gave this idea to me and it has taken me a couple weeks to think about it and have Matt point some of them to me.

1. I LOVE the smell of blueberries but can't stand the taste.

2. Same with tomatoes. Can't stand tomatoes alone but love everything made with tomatoes. (ketchup, spaghetti sauce, salsa)

3. I Hate toes. Don't want to touch or look at anyones toes. Especially, toe nails. YUCK!!!

4. My friend growing up told me about ice in milk. It has become a favorite with me lately. Oh and I hate any variation of milk.(chocolate, strawberry)

5. I could pay $50 to go to Disneyland to watch people. I love to watch what people do and how stupid people act. I think that's why I'm a fan of reality shows, fake or not.

6. I don't like to touch any part of a public restroom. I use about 4 seat covers to cover every part of the seat. Once I wash my hands, the door is opened with the paper towel and is thrown in the trash as the door closes behind me.

7. When I watch a movie or show, I will often fall asleep if I stay in the same spot for longer then 5 minutes. That's why movies are not the best for me.

8. I'm a time freak and hate being late. I start to get all stressed inside when I'm running behind or my love bug husband is taking his sweet time.

9. Kinda a weird one but I use about 8-10 wipes to change any poopy diaper.

10. Same goes for blowing my nose or my kids, use as many kleenex as possible. Just as long as I don't have to touch snot.

11. While Matt is trying to explain something that has to do with fixing the computer, I would rather save the brain space for something else.

12. Same with video games, that Halo gun is always up in the air and I'm in the corner of the room. I just can't figure it out. Plus, I'm dizzy after playing for a few minutes.

What makes you, "YOU?"


Lara said...

Very interesting! I think you and Annette have some things in common!

Kristi said...

I'm with you on number 8. I hate to be late and I start getting stressed and more and more stressed the closer I am to being late!

Shelley said...

Number 11 is so true for me--especially at night when I'm tired!

Christina said...

I love all things tomato except ketchup. What is up with us wierd Sorensens?

regibells said...

great susan insight! I like how you try to save brain space for something else when it comes to computer stuff...totally makes sense! Fun post to read!