Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fly Swatting Lessons...anybody????

Okay so if any of you know Matt, you know that he is the best at lessons for everything. Especially for me with technical issues. Patience is his middle name. Well, lately the flies have decided they like our house the very best. And if it is any surprise, I can't swat them for the life of me. I can spend the whole time while the girls eat their breakfast or lunch to swat the crap out of one. Well, I think I'm wasting more of my energy then getting any closer to killing them.

Well...that's when Matt comes in. He gave the lesson on the form. He says that, "it's all in the wrist...just like tennis." There you have it. I have killed 2 since. I think my problem before was that my whole body got involved because they were pissing me off so much.

So if your looking for some one on one lessons, we will schedule you in.


Shelley said...

Just the other day I had to give Jeremy fly-swatting lessons. He was approaching it like baseball or tennis, and I think the breeze it created was warning the flies!

Lara said...

My husband can top that. He catches them with his bare hands--no joke! I, however, prefer the swatter. So maybe I will have to make an appointment with Matt.

Susan said...

So cool. What a great talent.