Monday, September 11, 2006

Mall Shopping Habits

Have you been to the mall lately to see what is in? I just decided I was getting old. The crowd there speaks of teeny boppers with the $20 their mom gave them to get them out of their hair. Then I remembered when I was that age. I only got $5 and it was because I washed my parents car that day all morning. I spent most of the day getting ready hoping to see some cute boy there but little did I know the boys didn't go to the mall, they were somewhere else.

After high school, as a young adult I would go to the mall often. Generally it was because I wanted a new outfit for the party or dance that night. The money was plentiful and it wasn't anything for me to spend $200-$300 in one visit. Those were the good old days.

Now as a young mom, I go to the mall for Haley. It is a lot more fun to buy her clothes and doll her up. The funds are tighter now that I have the usual phone, house and car bill and now wow a diaper and formula bill too. Wow have things changed. I'm definatly getting older and my shopping habits have changed.


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Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I'm impressed! Welcome to the blogosphere Susan!

Yes, I agree that it's more fun to buy little baby clothes! They are just so tiny!