Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Painting Drama

I've said it time and time again...I hate painting but I continue to do it and I screw things up everytime. Buying a new home is a lot of work but buying white walls is even more work. I decided instead of upgrading an extra $3000 to have my walls painted before I moved in, I would take it upon myself to do the dreadful job of painting and try again. This time with higher ceilings and a 15 month old. Now I wish I would have chose the $3000 option as I continue to get paint on the wall and trim I wanted white. This is my least favorite project so far, but if I stand far enough away from the finished project, I think it makes the biggest difference in my home thus far.

How are your painting skills? I need some good tips on two tone painting for when I'm ready to face this one again.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my Mom is pretty much an expert painter. If you want some tips, I could give you her number.