Friday, September 15, 2006

Top 15 Things I Would Rather Be Doing

Going back home to see my family in good old Fountian Valley, California
Getting hugs from Haley
Decorating my home and yard
Getting my hair done
Eating out
Riding the 4 wheelers and "yarf dog"in Arizona with my family
Eating chips and salsa from Chilis
Making some new Kraft Food and Family recipe
Asking Matt more and more questions
Being with friends
Playing a fun card game
Watching Haley put her arms in the air and say "Touchdown"
Watching the 2 News team (they are the cheesiest but for some reason I like watching how they can make news out of no news)
Watching Haley give the next door neighbor's cat a "BIG HUG" or should we say tackle

What would you rather be doing?


Anonymous said...

I would rather be playing Halo and not answering any dumb questions. Also if these are things you would rather be doing. I have a suggestion....Turn off the computer and do one of those things you silly person.

Anonymous said...

1. Giving Sadie a bath.
2. Watching The Office
3. Eating chocolate cake
4. Making sugar cookies (eating them is more like it)
5. Getting a professional massage
6. Have someone play with my hair
7. Playing tennis with Blake
8. Shopping (with no budget of course)
9. Be in a hot tub
10. Taking pictures of a beautiful sunset
11. Getting kisses from Sadie
12. Doing crafts with my Mom
13. Lauging really hard at a funny joke
14. Listening to Blake play the guitar
15. Reading a suspenseful book that I can't put down

I know, I know, I did 15 too. Once I started, I couldn't stop!

Anonymous said...

Laying on the beach right after throwing my computer and blackberry into the ocean (which I'm addicted to).