Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Like My Mom

My mom spent the weekend at my house this weekend. Every time she comes, I'm so sad when she leaves. I realize how long it will be when I can see her again. It is amazing though to think how every day I find things that make me, "just like my mom," as Matt would say. I do things that she would do. Maybe some of these sound familiar.

Everything ends up in a zip loc...that is my new favorite. I don't deal much with tupperware.
When throwing a party, I like things done hours before and then sit an stew whether everything is ready.
We enjoy spending an extra dollar to do something fun
We both stress over little things
It bugs us when our house gets messy
Shopping the deals...I think all moms have to be deal shoppers
We pack our suit case well before our trip
We eat similar foods
We cook similar foods
We eat out at the same places
We are not SAVERS, everything gets tossed
We like games
We don't go to bed late
We get up early
Scott toilet paper, enough said
We both like to be places early

How are you more and more like your mom?


Christina said...

Aren't we lucky to have such a great mom to be like! Don't forget also both are very good Camp Directors (may you never really have to be one at church) and Activities Directors!

Shelley said...

My mom and I are both picky about our "bed socks." The socks we wear to bed have to be nice and snug--not loose, worn-all-day socks.

regibells said...

Your mom is so great and so are you! My mom and I are opposites in many ways but we both like to bargain shop and do creative things like re-do some furniture or mix a bunch of food together and see what happens....

Lara said...

Not SAVERS, you say? You are my kind of people!

I know I must be like my mom somehow. I'm gonna have to think on it... I guess we're both pretty compulsive about messes. And it's a good thing with Dad and Emily around, because it takes two of us to counteract the two of them.

Anonymous said...

My mom and I are both fat and short!(genetics, what can I say:))
Beside that we are total opposite people!