Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Well I can't say how old my daddy turned today because I can't keep track of how old I am, but he is another year older and another year cuter. This is a picture of his new retirement toy he just got earlier this year. Dad, this posts for you.

10 Fun Memories About My Dad

1. My dad let us curl his hair with a curling iron when we were little.
2. My dad would take Mark and I to the church when he would do his clerk work and we would get a candy bar after. (I use this bribe with Haley)
3. Recently the tractor, the cowboy hat, the too short overalls. Enough said. Oh, he's so cute.
4. My dad took 5 kids without my mom camping and fishing. I wouldn't even want to attempt this one.
5. Fixing our big yellow Ford van on the way to Utah. We always had a couple jugs of water on board knowing the overheat was bound to happen.
6. Have you seen my cute console tables and armore in my house? My dad's amazing...he made them.
7. My dad would tell us to clean up and if we didn't, here came the rake and the big leather belt he wore to church.
8. My dad was my biggest fan on the bleachers during my high school basketball games.
9. Whenever we had a sliver in our skin or a tooth dangling ready to come out or we needed batteries, down to dad's office. Out came the pliers for the tooth and sliver and minimal surgery was given.
10. I remember any time there was a spider or the toilet needed plunging, dad was called.
Oh I forgot one...he is a proud owner of 1 if not 2 metal detectors.

Thanks for being the best dad ever. Happy Birthday.


Christina said...

Isn't Dad the best!

Lara said...

What a great tribute to your dad, Susan!

Lorena said...

Your Dad is adorable!

Shelley said...

I'm going to have to try the rake idea for getting my kids to clean up!