Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Saturday Snow, Just in time for Polar Express

Haley and Matt shoveling with Spencer's snow shovel Saturday morning

Maya got a little too much love on the train

Our seat was right next to where they were doing to hot chocolate and cookies

Haley decided to just run up to Santa. We can't understand why because usually Santa gets the stare down from her but we did a lot of prepping about Santa before we went

This is where she said she wanted a pink present for Christmas


Noah and Amanda said...

I love matts Christmas list. It looks a lot like Noahs. Noah wants all this computer stuff and games. I have no clue!

Anonymous said...

We did The Polar Express when we went to Nowhere, AZ and we stopped at Williams. Check my pics in my blog.
The kids had a great time. You guys look like you had a magical time too!

Lara said...

Those long lists just don't work for me. Especially lists with things like "Version 2.0" or "3/4 inch." My eyes started to glaze over after a while. I do, however, hope someone gets your mom her mumu because those seem to be very important attire in the DeVries family.

regibells said...

Your Santa looked nice...Ours was really out of it!

Susan said...

Your mom too, Lara? The problem is where do you buy a mumu? A=The one she has is 30-40 years old. I think it is homemade.

Christina said...

Spencer says, "Hey, that's my shovel." I don't think he wants it back. I think he just wants to come up and use it again. =)

Too bad you didn't have Ashley's list. I should post it as hers puts everyone to shame!