Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do Not Call, Do Not Text, Do Not Annoy

So, am I the only one getting spam text messages? For the past 3 weeks, Matt and I have been getting text after text with some foreign message when we open it up. Some come at the wonderful hour of 2 a.m.

I registered my home phone on the National Do Not Call registry a while ago and now I'm dealing with it on my cell phone. The difference is that it comes in a text message. Today I called the do not call registry to register my cell phone. So far we are doing okay. Let's see if I still feel the same in the middle of the night.

Anybody know anything about this? Am I the only one getting these strange all of the sudden text messages?

Here is some info that might help...I hope it works!

National Do Not Call Registry


Lara said...

That is so annoying, Susan! I have not had that particular problem before. I did get about three text messages in the middle of the night once. They obviously had the wrong number and I kept texting them back to tell them so. Finally, they figured it out. I think they were drunk. I also got a text once from a guy telling his wife he would be home soon. The only person who ever texts me on person is my SIL Cherie.

RoyandLinda said...

Linda and I have been getting text messages. We have our phones registered with the Do Not Call system. I called T-Mobile and they said they would block all text messages on our phones. I told them sometimes Mark does text messaging and if he did I wanted to receive them. The lady said that T-Mobil family would still be able to text if they wanted. We have not had any text messages since then.