Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dodge Ball, Cousin Fun and Christmas at Grandma's House

All in 3 days. We did it all and had so much fun in California. We started with bake day the minute we arrived on Saturday, then we had action packed fun until Wednesday morning when we left. From Carrie's and Christina's awesome Chinese food on Sunday to the roaring game of dodge ball for Christmas eve, Santa, and yummy Stoned Fired Grill for dinner. Then Christmas morning, of course all the fun presents, Rudolf song and nativity story with the kids and the awesome Honey Baked Ham and twice baked potatoes for dinner. My mom and dad are the best. Thanks to all that were there for the fun weekend and holiday.


Lorena said...

Love your pictures of the cousins..How fun!! It looks like you guys had a blast, yummy food and even Santa came to your party!!!:)

Noah and Amanda said...

Hey we need to come over and visit. I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever!

Lara said...

Somehow the Sorensens and the Zapalacs need to connect up next year. It's such a shame to have you all so close and not be able to visit you all. Three days does make things pretty tight, though. I suggest we do Christmas together for once!