Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'll Think About It

Oh, I hated those dreaded words from my mom or dad when the real answer was, no. I'll think about it was a definate push away answer for no. Well, now I catch myself saying it to Haley and to my surprise, she accepts that answer really well. We went to Target the other day and she saw a Hello Kitty alarm clock. No 2 year needs that but when I came back with no she immediately told me, "mommy think about it." I said,"Yep, mommy think about it," and everything was completely forgotten and we stayed $6 richer for the forgotten purchase. For any of you that are looking for a way to say no to the I want this and I want that of everything, try the, I'll think about it. It may work for you. Too bad they don't accept that answer forever. I'm hoping it lasts a little while for Haley.


Noah and Amanda said...

whenever I have a kid I am going to try your advice:)

Lara said...

I use "I'll think about it" all the time, but I usually mean it sincerely. (I'm a poor decision maker!!) The results are the same, though. Nine times out of ten we all forget about it later. I'll let you know when it stops working for me.