Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eating... A Time Waster???

Matt and I decided to leave the kids and go to dinner last night with just us two. At dinner, Matt started to talk about how he wishes we didn't have to eat. That's when my ears opened a little wider. He went on to say how eating is such a time waster. It takes a while to cook, then to actually eat it, then to clean up. In our case last night, Matt got home from work at 6:00. We dropped the kids off and were at Los Hermanos at 7:30. We picked the kids up at 8:30 and well, there goes the rest of the night.

After all, Matt is totally right. The hard thing about it all is that some of the best conversations/fights come over a good meal. I think last night was the first night we have had to talk about the "Big Test," he has coming up on Tuesday. When I was growing up I remember all us Sorensen's sitting in our assigned seats at the dinner table eating and having a good meal with a good conversation. Hats off to my mom and dad for making us be home at 5:30 to eat dinner together.

Eating can be a time waster, but it is a good excuse to put our busy lives on hold and be social with family and friends.

What good conversations or maybe fights have you had over a meal?


Christina said...

At dinner we always take turns sharing something. Nobody leaves until everyone shares. Spencer's version of sharing is where everyone takes 30 seconds or less and dinner is over in 2 minutes. He must agree with Matt!

Shelley said...

Our dinners are very informal and there is usually a lot of silliness and laughter going on. We try to do "Favorite Part of the Day," but always get off topic. I feel bad sometimes that I am not expecting better manners at the table, and I am usually either laughing with them, or wanting to scream because it's too crazy! Hopefully they will have good memories. My family never had dinner sitting around at a table, and it's something I want for my kids.

Lara said...

This thought has occured to me as well--what a big deal eating is! Matt's got the right idea. I think that for the pioneers, most of a woman's day was spent preparing, cooking, and cleaning up three meals a day. I think we're a little luckier. Anyway, there are many times when my dear husband and I have gone out to dinner, and my husband takes a little too long to make a meal choice. He asks me what he should get. He asks the waiter what he should get. He asks which option comes with the most food for the least amount of money. It goes on embarassingly long. Last Saturday we went out to the Cheesecake Factory and the waitress stopped to ask us what we wanted to drink. Well, Joseph starts delving into the details of the dinner menu with her! I glare at him, and say firmly, "Joseph, she only asked what we want to drink!!" And that opened a whole other can of worms. I love my husband despite all this. He's the best!!
P.S. My best friend Cindy used to waitress at Los Hermanos in Orem. She loved it! Did you go to the one in Provo, probably?

Susan said...

Yup we usually eat at the Provo one? Is that the Cindy I remember? That's pretty cool.