Monday, October 29, 2007

"Hide and Go Poop"

I loved playing hide and go seek when I was young. I have a lot of funny memories playing it with my older siblings. Usually we played it as a family home evening activity. I think my sisters and brothers liked to play it so they could tease Mark and I.

Well now days I play "hide and go poop." Anytime Haley is missing, we know what's going on. The game begins. Lately we have been following the smell. Then when we get close, you can hear her say her famous two letter word, "NO." That's not when it's over though. Then you have to wait for her to come out of the hiding spot and say, "Change me." Well anyways I have some evidence about how exciting it can be around our house during our new exciting game.

Has anybody got to play this game before?


Lara said...

I think every mom gets to play that game at some point. The toddlers all hide when they're pooping in their pants and know they shouldn't be. The predictability is pretty funny! "Hmm. We haven't seen so and so for a while. She must be pooping!"

Shelley said...

We came to fear the words, "I touched it" with Anna. She would come to us saying that with poop on her finger. It still grosses me out!

Noah and Amanda said...

Hayley is sooooo cute!

Christina said... are sooo lucky!!!