Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Haley makes us Laugh

Okay so is it just me or can you just sit and listen to a 2 year old all day, try to pronounce some of the most common words we use every day? Also can you just imagine if we all talked like them how much fun it would be? Here are some of my very favorites that Haley uses on a regular basis. Oh I love her. What are some of the words that your kids just massacre?

"Ass you mommy"=bless you mommy
" Hap Berfday"= Happy Birthday
"kickups" = hiccups
"ban A's" = bandaids
"monmower" = lawnmower
"Ciffurd" = Clifford
"Goop hug" = group hug
"Monee" = Moroni
"tacktor" = tractor
"gamma" = Grandma
"fair" = flower
"thirsty" = nursery
"May" = Malorie
"Napolin Nign Nigh" = Napolean Dynomite
"quesidida" = quesadilla
"tofbus" = toothbrush
"foss" = floss
"crocidile" = calculator
"bassetball" = basketball
"crub" = crib
"baff" = bath
"pooder" = computer
"canomope" or "can a poop" = cantaloupe
"bet" = berret
"hairedrider" = hair dryer
"TB" = T.V.
"talklit" = chocolate
"seria" = cereal


regibells said...

Soooooo funny and cute! She is a doll!

Noah and Amanda said...

Seriously haley is hilarious! AND SO CUTE!

Christina said...

Susan, I love this. Kids are the best medicine for any given difficult day when you need a laugh. The other day one of my students asked Mrs. Robinson when the "Titties" (kitties) could come out.