Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Smooth Selling on eBay

So I think I'm an eBayer now. I sold my first headband on eBay about 2 weeks ago and have had so much fun with it. Our house should be cleaned up in no time. Since my first sale, we had the sad news of the chocolate fountain went last week and about 10 more headbands and now our camera. If you have anything you need sold, I can sell it for you. I have found some tricks to do or not to do to get it sold. After all, Matt is getting kinda annoyed because everyday I ask what we can sell. Happy eBaying!


Noah and Amanda said...

That is so awesome! I want to learn too. I have a couple wedding dresses that need selling! LOL! but if you can sell them that would be great and you could take 50 bucks for each dress for your time! I will have to bring them over.

Christina said...

You gotta help us. We are not selling our cards, and they are as cute as can be.

Anonymous said...

We need the help we did so good last year and then we took a break and now I don't know what went wrong.