Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well Regina tagged me on this splurge thing and this might be kinda hard because I splurge on just about everything. I'm my mother's girl that way.

10 Things I Splurge on

1. My kids clothes. It is way too fun to spend money on them and all the cute clothes out there always want to jump into my cart.
2. Water bill. Sounds weird. I'm sure it could be cheaper but I love really green grass!
3. Going out the eat. I always enjoy a good place to eat without my kids!
4. Jeans. They are hard to come by when you are tall, so no matter the price tag , buy them.
5. Bras. Again hard to find a round boobed bra...they think everyone has pointy ones.
6. Meat. It has to be very well trimmed. No bones, or fat, so I do very little work to prepare it.
7. Home and yard decos. I'm with Regina on that, gotta be the good house wife and have a cute house and yard... right?
8. My bed. I don't settle for anything else. I wish they made something bigger then a King though. My bed is the best!
9. My hair and nails. Every chance I get, I love to get them done.
10. Vacations. I try not to look at the bank account when planning a trip. I just go and pay as I go!

10 Things I don't splurge on(conserve)

1. Clothes for me. I usually look for deals and even then, I'm very cheap!
2. Internet. Matt thinks it has to be the fastest...whatever works for me. The cheaper the bill the better. Just none of this dial up stuff.
3. Cleaning supplies. I'm with Regina. The cheap ones work for me.
4. Cell phones. I don't need the new iphone or a camera phone. I wouldn't know how to work it either. Just give me one that works!
5. Soda. It's not my favorite so if you took it away from me, that's cool.
6. Shampoos and conditioners. I have my favorite but it's no salon stuff. They got rid of my very favorite(finesse.) Blahhh
7. Computer stuff. Matt thinks we need the most memory, the latest computer with the latest software. I'm fine with one that works.
8. Weed wacker. My $25 purchase has done the job great.
9. Manners. I've never been one to have Matt open my door for me. Can't tell you why but it makes me feel uncomfortable.
10. Milk. I love any kind...even the cheap stuff...just don't give it to me warm.

Thanks Regina for tagging me!


regibells said...

I enjoyed your answers! We are a lot alike.

Leezy Lindsey said...

I'm with you on the bra comment. I tried to go bra shopping yesterday but finally gave up and I'm still wearing my old one. Since when were cone boobs in style?