Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thanks Mom

Well I can't say it enough...thanks mom. Everytime I take my two kids out somewhere I am amazed at how my mother did it. I have 2, well she had 6. My friends and I took our kids to Thanksgiving Point to the Children's Gardens today. We planned to to be there first thing in the morning, which first of all, is not always easy running them out of the house. When we got there, it took about 10 minutes to unload EVERYTHING. Where do you start? Well the 20 pound stroller that takes up the entire trunk came first, then the diaper backpack, then the swim clothes, then the food bag, oh and the cooler bag, then the blanket and towels, purse, oh and "Haley,can you put your shoes on again" for the 10th time in these same 10 minutes. Then you have everything, but don't forget the kids. Did you buckle them in, do you have them in the sun, are they happy... Then when you're done with your 2 hour expedition, did you eat something, hows the diaper situation, did I get everything and again, "Haley are your shoes on?" The 20 pound stroller gets put back in the trunk and we are off as your mind goes in circles thinking, "What did I miss." What a joy it has been being a mother and I wouldn't change it for anything but I have learned to appreciate my own mother a whole lot more. Thanks mom for everything!

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regibells said...

I love how even though it is such a hassle and we know it...we are just gonna keep doing it again and again knowing that it is so much easier to stay home! I think us moms are adventurous. most husband wouldn't even dare try!